Keep Space for Peace Week demonstration 2018

Welcome to the Keep Space for Peace demonstration at Menwith Hill.

As part of the network of global protest at the increasing militarisation of space there will be a peaceful demonstration outside the main gates of Menwith Hill. 

Speakers include Prof David Webb from CND, Colin Archer from Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) and Brigid-Mary Oates from Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign (MHAC).

Russia, China and the USA are all increasing the use of space for military purposes. The announcement by US Vice President Mike Pence that the US now wishes to develop Space Force adds urgency over the need for peace loving people the world over to say NO.

Please come and support this demonstration, every person counts. Do note that it can get chilly at Menwith Hill so warm clothes advised.

For news about other Keep Space for Peace events please go to:

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