Menwith Hill 34th radome

A planning application for a 34th radome has been passed by Harrogate Borough Council.  Some comments (objections) were lodged.  Only comments on so-called ‘environmental’ grounds are considered.  The grave threats Menwith Hill presents to our environment and to our survival within it were not up for discussion.

The Landscape Assessment report in the application described the new radome as having ‘negligible visual impact’. The arrow on the photo shows how it will be clearly visible on the outside edge of the existing cluster of radomes.



Just heard of and strongly support your campaign. Seriously concerned at the removal of the Yorks Police and militarisation of policing your peaceful, legal protests. All power to you; but do take care: policing in whatever form is there to serve only the wishes of the elites in power. Whatever the pretensions, public service is not a policing priority; things have only worsened since Hillsborough and Orgreave and will be dire after Brexit and deeper dependency on he USA.

Bob Powell

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