Independence from America Event 4th July 2017

Declaration Day 2017

An annual feature of the CAAB Campaign is the gathering at the Gates of Menwith Hill. Individuals and peace organisations interested in promoting peace are made welcome. Speakers, drama and music come together to inform and educate. The event is a very good networking opportunity.

Programme for 4 JULY 2017 4-8 pm

(at the main entrance to NSA/NRO MENWITH HILL near Harrogate HG3 2RF)
Programme (approximate times)

4.0 pm: Gather at the main entrance to NSA/NRO Menwith Hill for start of demonstration

Introduction: To include 2 minutes silence to remember all those killed and or affected by military action round the world

4.15 pm: Public reading of the Peoples Declaration for Independence FROM America
(read and led by Janet Russell and Peter Kenyon – copies are available)

Geoff Dickson (Commander of RAF and MOD contingent and RAF Liaison officer) will receive letter to give to Miriam Garrant– US Chief of Station NSA/NRO Menwith Hill

4.30pm: East Lancs Clarion Choir

5pm: Speaker (either Fabian Hamilton or Maya Evans)

5.20pm: Catherine Warr - music

5.30pm onwards: cold food and drinks from Bondgate bakery will be available.

5.45pm: Roger Harrington - drama

6.15pm: Maya or Fabian - speaker

6.45pm: Bassa Bassa - music

7.15pm: Open Mic – an opportunity for anyone attending to contribute by speaking, singing or reading a poem.

7.30pm: Catherine Warr - music

7.45pm: Bassa Bassa - music

8pm: Finish

Please remember: There is a demonstration at the gates of NSA/NRO Menwith Hill every Tuesday evening 6 – 7.30 pm – please come to witness and protest at the illegal activities of this secretive and unaccountable US base.

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