Declaration Day 2016

Poster image of the event

This year’s Independence from America Day will be held on Saturday 2nd instead of 4th July, although people are most welcome to go to Menwith on 4th as well!

As well as the reading of the Declaration of Independence from America, there will be speakers, music, singers, comedy and refreshments.

Speakers already confirmed include Marcus Papadopoulos of Politics First magazine, Mike McGowan (ex MEP) and John Bourton of Veterans for Peace.


The Annual ‘Independence FROM America’ Day

Drinks, vegetarian and vegan food available from 3pm.
Safe, supervised children’s area, with activities by Laila Packer.


Programme (approximate times)

3pm     Assemble and Introduction
Arrival of ‘Bikes not Bombs’, Yorkshire CND.

3.15pm Reading of Declaration followed by handing of letter to Geoff Dickson, followed by handing of letter for Miriam Garrant.

3.30pm Michael McGowan, International Peace Campaigner and former MEP.

3.45pm Roy Bailey, renowned socialist folk singer.

4.05pm Dr Marcus Papadopoulos, Publisher/Editor of Politics First magazine

4.25pm E Lancs choir

4.45pm Catherine Warr, singer

5pm     Food and drink

5.30pm John Bourton, Veterans for Peace, chair of the VFP UK Steering Group.

6pm     More Entertainment and chance to ‘Have Your Say’

8pm     Thanks and goodbyes.

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