Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign Supporters Meeting

10am 5th September 2023

On Zoom

Agenda likely to cover:

Arrival of new RAF Liaison Officer

Bob Cryer Memorial Tree

Awareness Raising

Saltaire event on 25th November

Supply of leaflets

Sale of merchandise.

Any Other Business


Zoom Link available from: 


MHAC Supporters Meeting

10 am on Friday 28th July 2023


Agenda will include a review of the 4th July, what do we do next year?

Fly Kites not drones

NfP subs

Zoom link from 


10am on 28th July 2023

A review meeting to consider how the event on 4 July 2023 went.

Did all speakers and musicians arrive?

Did anyone from the base turn up to collect the letter to the Director?

Any merchandise sold?

What was the lay-by like as a venue?

All feed back very welcome.

This meeting will be on Zoom.

Request a link from 


Independence from America Event

4th July 2023    5pm to 8pm

Please help us get the arrangements right.

This meeting is to review the programme and the logistics.

What still needs to be done and who will do it?

If you can participate and help us plan for a really successful event please do so.


Coming to Kettlesing Lay-by


Film On Clogger Lane is being shown at The Tetley in Leeds until 14th May 2023.

1 hour film about the Washburn Valley and its history which now includes Menwith Hill and the various Peace Camps and initiatives to raise awareness of the activities of the base. Starts on the hour.


Also an exhibition in an adjacent room of posters and artefacts from the demonstrations.

Free Admission.

Well worth visiting.


MHAC Supporters Meeting ~ February 2023

11am on Tuesday 7th February 2023

on Zoom.

You are welcome to join us. Simply send email requesting a link to 

Agenda will probably include:

Tuesday evening demonstrations

        Attracting more people to join us

        Relationship with the police - MOD and NY

        Safety at the Nessfield Gate

Shrove Tuesday event

Independence from America Event on 4th July 2023

Walk leaflet

Consequences of war in Ukraine


All welcome

Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign Planning Meeting

16th January 2023

on Zoom

Agenda will include recent events, publicity, relationship with police at the demonstrations, 4th July and ideas for future events. Your ideas matter so please come and share them.

Get your invitation from: 


Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign

Supporters Meeting

10:30am 5th December 2022

on Zoom

All interested people welcome

Agenda will include:

Recent activity go MHAC

Feed back from the Peace Fair at Saltaire on 26th November 2022

Use of photographs and the need to clarify copyright issues

Issues associated with the Tuesday evening demonstration

Future activity of MHAC


Supporters Meeting

11am on Monday 24th October 2022

Will be held on Zoom. (Link available from

You will be welcome to participate.

Agenda will include:

Tuesday evening demonstrations

Feed back from CND event on 16th October 2022

Developments at Menwith Hill

Comments on the militarisation of space.