The last date for comments on the new (to be 38th) radome was originally 6 July.  However Harrogate Borough Council queried the height of the new radome in August and asked for more details - the new radome will be very high and to the northeast of existing radomes.

Campaigners have recently lodged objections about a proposed development of the Main gate area. 

Subject: New planning app made for Menwith Hill

A planning application for a 34th radome has been passed by Harrogate Borough Council.  Some comments (objections) were lodged.  Only comments on so-called ‘environmental’ grounds are considered.  The grave threats Menwith Hill presents to our environment and to our survival within it were not up

US led drone warfare increases in Africa.

12 November 2021

R v Stephen Higgins now due to be heard at Leeds Crown Court from 14th August 2017 for 5 days.

The Guardian – By Matt Williams – July 13, 2013

Lawyers sceptical over news that 96 prisoners remain on strike, down from a recent high of 106