Raising public awareness, scrutiny and accountability of American bases in the UK. Activity undertaken on US Military Bases whether by the military themselves or by the US National Security Agency (NSA) is not overseen by the UK Parliament even though the bases are named as RAF Bases and have a named UK military officer named as "Base Commander". In reality the UK's Base Commander has a very limited role and does not command the US personnel.


Supporters Meeting

Tuesday 5 December 2023 at 10am

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Recent and planned actions

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E-mails sent by Anne Lee to Mike Parkes of the Harrogate Planning Department


MHAC Supporters Meeting

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Topics will include current peace issues

Keep Space for Peace Week

Attracting more people to participate.

Communications with the base.

Article in The US Sun


Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign Supporters Meeting

10am 5th September 2023

On Zoom

Agenda likely to cover:

Arrival of new RAF Liaison Officer

Bob Cryer Memorial Tree

Awareness Raising

Saltaire event on 25th November

Supply of leaflets

Sale of merchandise.

Any Other Business


Zoom Link available from: mail@themhac.uk