Raising public awareness, scrutiny and accountability of American bases in the UK. Activity undertaken on US Military Bases whether by the military themselves or by the US National Security Agency (NSA) is not overseen by the UK Parliament even though the bases are named as RAF Bases and have a named UK military officer named as "Base Commander". In reality the UK's Base Commander has a very limited role and does not command the US personnel.

Letter being sent to the Russian Ambassador in the UK.

You may wish to send him your own letter.


What is Menwith Hill's role in the Ukraine War?

Newspaper article about the likely role of Menwith Hill in the war in Ukraine.

The issues are very complicated.


Special Witness for Peace in Ukraine.

1st March 2022 from 6pm to 7.30pm

At the main gates of Menwith Hill.

A peaceful presence,

call for Russia to withdraw immediately and for NATO to stay out.

All welcome.

It will be cold so bring warm clothes.



Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign Supporters Meeting.

On Zoom

11am on Thursday 24th March 2022

Zoom link available from mail@themhac.uk 

Agenda to be developed but will include:

Communications Project


Situation in Ukraine

Preparing for Independence from America event on 2 July 2022.


All welcome, please participate and help the campaign.