There are US Military Bases in many countries undertaking different functions. Gunatanemo in Cuba is notorious for holding prisoners with out charge for long periods of time. A US naval base being constructed on South Korea's Jeju Island has destroyed unique rock formations and displaced local people as well as rising tensions with China. The enforced removal of the Chagos Islanders to make way for a US naval and military base of Diego Garcia has raised many ethical and legal questions. Japanese activists have strongly objected to the establishment of new US military bases in Japan.


Independence from America 2024

4th July 2024

Location :   Kettlesing Layby on A59 near Menwith Hill.

This can be found using What 3 Words at chins.appointed.helm

Presentations, drama, music, information and a chance to meet people concerned about Menwith Hill and other Peace issues.

Come along and take part.

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Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign Supporters' Meeting

10am on Thursday 14 March 2024

on Zoom.

All welcome.

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US Military Deployment on Cyprus

The US military presence on Cyprus is increasing. Numbers involved are kept secret.

Information available from "Declassified".


Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign

Supporters Meeting

10:30am 5th December 2022

on Zoom

All interested people welcome

Agenda will include:

Recent activity go MHAC

Feed back from the Peace Fair at Saltaire on 26th November 2022

Use of photographs and the need to clarify copyright issues

Issues associated with the Tuesday evening demonstration

Future activity of MHAC